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So much architecture is all about style. At Olsen Associates, architecture is about design. The difference – design is a process that involves you.


Design is opportunity.

Design is the fundamental tool to understanding client need and applying it to the potential of built architecture to create image. At Olsen Associates the process of design recognizes and develops the inherent potential of architecture to create a personal environment that satisfies client objectives, but goes beyond need to convey the essence of the individual client.

Olsen Associates is an architectural firm without preconception. 
The uniqueness of each client’s needs, a commitment to listening and understanding, and the ability to deliver the design and construction processes on time and on budget ultimately create every successful project.


From the design of an Urban mixed-use project to a brewery, our philosophy of architecture and the design process remains the same; each client is a new client, each project is a new project, each image is a new image and style is specific to each client. The result is high quality architecture and a very high level of client satisfaction.

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